Thursday, January 10, 2008

Waxman talks about baseball, not Sibel

Congressman Henry Waxman has used every possible trick to deny Sibel hearings in congress.

After years of promising that he would hold hearings when the Dems were in the majority, he caved and has settled on a 'talking point' where he and his staff say "we have no plans to hold hearings at this time."

Waxman was recently asked, repeatedly, about holding hearings into Sibel's case - at first he invoked the "we have no plans to hold hearings at this time" talking point, and when pressed, he dismissed a questioner by saying that he 'heard her views' and then moved on.

Interestingly, the first questioner began by saying that Sibel was aware of 'foreign knowledge' of 9/11 and congressional corruption, and Waxman appears to acknowledge that - before saying that he has no intention of holding hearings.

Waxman was then asked about the absurdity of him holding hearings into baseball but not Sibel's case, and he responds by saying that it's important that the kids have good role models. *choke.*

Finally he was asked about supporting women, including Sibel, and he dismissed the questioner, simply saying "I've heard your views."

As far as I know, Waxman has only been asked about Sible's case in public once before - details here - where he was equally dismissive, saying:
"I don’t recall that I ever said that I was going to hold hearings on her specific case.... But I really don’t particularly have a comment on her case."
At the time I put together an unflattering (but now dated) video, comparing his "I don't recall" with Alberto Gonzales performance.

The video is worth watching again, despite the Gonzales stuff - Sibel has lots of great information there, as always.

As Sibel says in the video, Waxman has seen the entire classified Inspector General's report into her case. In light of the recent Times article, why do you think Waxman is covering for these people? He knows all this, and yet he is still silent.

And here is the most recent Waxman video - Waxman trots out the same talking point that he 'has no intention to hold hearings at this time.'

Note that when the questioner says 'Sibel has evidence of congressional corruption,' Waxman appears to support that by saying 'Uh-huh' - and he dismisses another questioner who asks that Waxman hold hearings into Sibel's case by saying 'I've heard your views.'

More soon.


mmonk said...

Maybe Waxman needs to be reflective when commenting on role models. It would be nice for him to think about it.

Miguel said...

The man needs to be held to ACCOUNT. Let's get in his face.

The time for being 'polite' has long since passed.

How about throwing chicken seed at him?

Mizgîn said...

Typical political scumbag.

And who gives a damn about a bunch of drugged-up sports trash anyway?

Well, I guess the sports thing is VERY important when you're a nation of overgrown, spoiled children who have to be entertained every minute of every day.

We wouldn't want reality to come crashing in, would we?

Anonymous said...

Well, this is very unlike what I know of Waxman. I would really like to know why he's not addressing the issue.
Clearly the allegations seem to warrant investigation.
His not addressing the issue speaks volumes... but I don't have a clue what it is he's saying.
Is there already a covert investigation being conducted?
Was all of this congressionally approved political machinations?
Is the system just too utterly rotten to ever be fixed?
Does he feel Sibel's not credible?
Are his fingers in the cookie jar too?
What is he saying?

ballo said...

FU Waxman!

Partisan HACK only has interest in scandals which only involve this administration.


Anonymous said...

Waxman`s response surprises me,but then again,maybe not.
I used to work with adolescents,and attend ed several workshops on gangs. Usually these were attended by gang members to see what was being said about them.
A tall Black man addressed the assembly to talk about the House and the Senate.What he said makes more sense to me each day:"They`re just White gangs."

Anonymous said...

yep...though the white congressional gang is getting a bit more multicultural, it is like a gang... maybe it's what they call "collegiality."

But I still would like to know what Waxman is not saying.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, We have been aware of this a little while and are praying for you.

your friends,
servants of Christ

Anonymous said...

You go girl! ! !

Love "Light" and Energy