Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Media Coverage

BradBlog has a new post up "Worldwide Coverage of the Sibel Edmonds Bombshell!"

Edmonds told The BRAD BLOG last night that her phone had been ringing of the hook since the Times story hit. From reporters around the globe, she said. As to America: "Not a single mainstream media channel, not even a newspaper."

Apparently American nuclear secrets, stolen by "moles" at America's most sensitive nuclear installations, sold on the black market with the help and protection of highly placed American officials, which then found their way into the hands of America's enemies, is not notable news to Americans. According to the American corporate mainstream media, anyway. We suppose they're all too busy fighting the War on Terror in New Hampshire or something.

Brad was also interviewed for 10 minutes about the case on INN World Report -

There is one error in the report - INN identifies Let Sibel Edmonds Speak as Sibel's website. That is incorrect. As it says at the top of this blog
"This blog: Owned, operated and full responsibility by Lukery."

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