Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Facts & Thanks

Sibel wants to personally thank all of you.

The Sibel Edmonds case demonstrates the failure of the corporate media in the US. It is readily apparent that we need to rely on alternative media, the blogs, and foreign media to move this story forward, with solid, fact-based reporting.

In the last 12 months, we have had tremendous support in getting exposure to the story and filling in many of the unknowns. In particular, I'd like to thank Mike Mejia, Brad Friedman, Scott Horton, Mizgin, and Mark Levey for their countless contributions. The Daily Kos and Democratic Underground communities have also been terrific with their support. Sibel asked me to pass on her thanks, saying "The support in the last 12 months has been fantastic, and has enabled us to get the story where it is today. Thank you."

The latest article in the Sunday Times details how a criminal network has been procuring and proliferating nuclear technology to the highest bidder; nation states as well as non-state terrorist groups. This dangerous network includes people at the highest levels of the US government, and their activities are being actively covered up by the executive, congress, the judiciary and the media.

The Times article generated subsequent press in Israel, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Australia, and in the online media. Justin Raimondo's piece stands out, while Joseph Cannon also had a great post. Sibel would like to thank you for pushing the story.

The reason we have had this much success in the past year is by sticking with the facts in the pursuit of the truth and accountability, and not having the story colored in any way by ideology or partisanship. Sibel repeatedly suggests that the reason the case doesn't get anywhere in Congress is because of the bipartisan nature of the guilty. The same is apparently true for the online media and blogs. We continue to encourage people to write about this story but it is important to keep to the facts, truthfully and fairly. The case is complicated as it is; exaggerations, distortions and mischaracterizations only cloud the matter.

Unfortunately, we are already seeing this happen. Thanks to Mizgin one such case was caught in time and addressed. It's frustrating that we've come so far, and are so close to finally getting proper exposure to this story, only to see this type of thing break out.

For the record, this blog does not endorse or support Alexandrovna or her views. I ceased association and communication with her in mid-2007.

We do our work independently and diligently, and do not wish to become entangled in partisan fights, personal attacks and tainted views associated with her style and activities.

We wish her the best of luck, and thank her in advance for leaving us alone.


mmonk said...

I guess the big question is how do we push alternative media and the international press on the subject into the mainstream in the US and thus to US citizens? Just repetition and word of mouth?

Miguel said...

Great post Lukery.

In response to your question mmonk, I think it is time to really push our alternative media. This is an important story. And several of the influential blogs have refused to so much as mention it.

These alternative journalists will eventually be forced to respond. Look at The Washington Note. Apparently, Steve Clemons felt compelled to put a post about how he can't write about Sibel Edmonds because there are too many 'red flags'.

Of course, we won't leave it at that. Because Clemons arguments do not make any sense. So we keep fighting and fighting until it bubbles to Josh Marshall, Firedoglake and all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Luke you have been doing a great job, and good to see that it's being recognized and picked up by so many. Finally!

I also want to thank all your/our supporters: Thank You. Supporting Luke's work is supporting the quest for Truth & Accountability. Let's continue the good fight.

Sibel Edmonds

mmonk said...

miguel, I agree with you about Clemons. His reasoning was weak. But I guess he did discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Well stated Lukery. I posted a couple of responses to Alexandrovna (Larisa) on Brad Blog yesterday, trying to make the same point. Stick to the facts of the case. You make the point much better - thank you.

Re: How do you get the main media to cover the story? First, its a mystery to me why there is such a complete blanket on the story - I find it hard to accept that ALL of the MSM are sufficiently controlled that none are willing to break ranks and cover what should be the story of our generation. So I believe (perhaps naively) that if you keep putting it out in the alternative media, then at some point one of the MSM will break ranks and decide its too good a story to pass up - especially in light of the attention its getting in the foreign media. Meanwhile, hats off to all for all the time and effort you have put into keeping the story alive.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Thomas Jefferson

Miguel said...


Yes, he did discuss it. That is a start. But I don't think he really wanted to.

I think some of our liberal/left bloggers are suffering from the same maladies as mainstream reporters: getting too close to the seat of power.

My sense is they don't want to piss off certain sources and they have been warned to stay away from this story.

Hevallo said...

Congratulations everybody. From a pro Kurdish point of view this story is so important as the Neo Con/Turkish 'Deep State' alliance is emboldening the Turkish side to step up its purely military solution to the Kurdish Question in Turkey. Psychological warfare is employed, routinely, against the Kurdish Freedom Struggle, 'criminalising' the legitimate struggle of the Kurdish people for their cultural and political rights in Turkey, something that has been denied to them since the establishment of the modern Turkish state. To get to bottom of this 'dirty' relationship is part of the Kurdish struggle for freedom. I have spoken to officials from the Kurdish parties in Turkey about your campaign and they asked me to send their very best wishes and solidarity. I will continue to do everything within my own modest capacity to help.

Mizgîn said...

The Sibel Edmonds case demonstrates the failure of the corporate media in the US. It is readily apparent that we need to rely on alternative media, the blogs, and foreign media to move this story forward, with solid, fact-based reporting.

I could not agree more, Luke, on both points here: the failure of the corporate media and the absolute necessity of relying on alt media, blogs, and foreign media. Even Turkish media, as evidenced by this article, originally published in Hürriyet, is consistent with Sibel's story (and picks up information from much of your work, Luke).

I have yet to see anything like the Hürriyet article in the American media.

We continue to encourage people to write about this story but it is important to keep to the facts, truthfully and fairly. The case is complicated as it is; exaggerations, distortions and mischaracterizations only cloud the matter.

Exactly my point.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone -

I'd like to address Steve Clemons' response. His dismissive comment embodies much of the problem Sibel has had with the establishment media's avoidance and mishandling of this story.

In one or two sentences, the problem with Clemons is inertia. He won’t validate Sibel until he’s sure the Democratic leadership is good and ready to take down Bush-Cheney. And, they aren’t, and perhaps won’t. It’s a strategy thing, and every day that goes by makes it less likely that there will be serious Congressional investigations. It’s not a matter of historical proof of wrongdoing by the 21, it’s a matter of overcoming bureaucratic inertia about what to do about them in the here and now. It’s the difference between providing proof of a past crime and being a source of actionable intelligence.

If someone in the Democratic leadership or intelligence community could be convinced that the proliferation and espionage network Sibel describes presents a real, imminent danger – one that isn’t being addressed by present levels of surveillance and coverage – then, the public response might be different. As for the fact that treason has taken place, that’s pretty widely accepted within the IC and on the Hill. But, everyone assumes that problem is already contained, and hell-to pay has to wait until after 01/20/2009, when it csn be dealt with in the normal course of business.

If someone can make a plausible argument that there’s a clear and present danger – the Saudis, Pakistanis, Turks, Israelis, some faction, rogue element, or anyone associated – need to be rolled-up, then sound that alarm. Nobody wants a repeat of 9/11 on their watch. Personally, I find it significant that all the leading Democratic candidates kept on repeating the term, “loose nukes” during the pre-Iowa debate. They’ve been told something is going on, and obviously, someone thinks there is a real threat. So, Sibel’s message that there are American links in the nuclear network, is being taken seriously. We should focus on that.

If someone had been publicly screaming loud enough that many of these same people were financing, training, and arming UBL before 9/11, who knows, maybe we wouldn’t be having this conversation, today.

So, keep screaming bloody murder. Name names. Be specific about what they’ve done and how they still present a clear and present danger. Be a source for actionable intelligence.

Shout, “Roll them up, now!” That message is difficult to ignore these days.

With warmest regards to all – Mark G. Levey

Mizgîn said...

I second Hevallo's comments. It should also be noted that Marc Grossman and Douglas Dickerson were the two who facilitated more US arms transfers to Turkey during the height of the Dirty War against the Kurdish people than had been given to Turkey during the combined previous years of the Cold War.

Grossman and Dickerson, along with the Clinton administration, are complicit not only in the crimes that Sibel has exposed, but also with the Turkish state's crime of genocide.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to us bloggers, but more importantly thank you to you- Luke and Sibel for giving us this information to spread.

And the sticking to the documented factual and non partisan sides of things is very important. In future, I'll do my best to confine my own rants and personal opinions to posts which are not directly referring to Sibel and her case.

lukery said...

mmonk - it's been difficult - but hopefully we'll break through. THere's been a lot more noise this week than before - so hopefully we are getting closer.

lukery said...

Miguel - yep - Clemons' post was bad - but at least he addressed it - which is more than others have done.

Great work in the comments there by you, and Giraldi's comment was great too.

I tried a different approach than i usually do ;-)

lukery said...

Sibel - thanks, as always.

Without your support I might have given up long ago. Your strength and persistence is a shining light for us all.

lukery said...

ajeffersonian - i saw your posts at bradblog. They were typically solid.

Thank you.

lukery said...

Mizgin - thanks for your support on this story, again.

Any chance that you could translate a couple of those Turkish articles for us?

Particulary the one that you link to, and this one too

I can't think of any other Turkish translators that i know...

lukery said...

Hevallo - great to see you here

I try to check in on your blog when i can.

Thanks for passing on the words of support

lukery said...

Mark - solid as always

I'll try to publish this in the next little while.

(I've been flatout on various things)

lukery said...


thanks for all your support with this. I know that you are new to the case - imagine how frustrating it is after 5 years!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Sibel Edmonds for continuing to make several very nasty people develop sleep disorders.

Here's hoping we don't have too much longer to wait before they have some new room-mates, & matching sets of nice comfortable orange jammies to bunk down with. For many many years.