Saturday, March 17, 2007

Steve Elson: Call Waxman & Conyers

Steve Elson, Veteran Agent at the FAA, has just sent out this release:


I received this note from Sibel Edmonds.

This is a new site for the public action campaign to secure hearings on my case and the erroneous use of state secrets privilege to shut up and gag national security whistleblowers.

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak
Sibel has done a lot to help whistle blowers, not people who reveal classified information, but those who honor their oaths of office and after going through their respective chains of command, went to congress (which did nothing), and finally went public.

What Sibel has to say does have to do with national security -- she is trying to expose those in the government who are violating national security. For this she was fired, has had the FBI take her computers, her home searched, had threats, is hated by the Turkish government, and really had her life made miserable. All she did was accept an FBI request to come work for them after 9/11 and when she found foreign spies in the FBI, when she found corruption and criminal activities by leaders in congress, she reported them, within the chain of command. For this she was fired. The Inspector General of the Department of Justice, at a Christopher Shay's hearing last year, stated in sworn testimony, that his investigation and that of FBI OPR (internal affairs) found that Sibel Edmonds was 100% right! Yet Sibel remains fired, persecuted, and gagged. According to her gag order, imposed by Ashcroft and Gonzales, the AGs, it is illegal for her to even state where she went to school or what languages she speaks. If anyone thinks this is a national security issue, please let me hear from you. Additionally the government went back and retroclassified open source/public information, something I have never heard of before.

I forward the note from Sibel, one of my favorite and most admired people and great Americans (a naturalized, formerly legal alien). Take a look. There is so much information and the website can get confusing so all I am asking is that you look to the right when the site pops up and write and call or e-mail, the four congressmen to the right. I would also ask that you contact your own congress(wo)men and demand that Sibel be allowed under oath to state her case. If she violates national security and reveals classified information, then they can arrest her and I can sent her cakes.

In America, what happened to her should never been allowed to happen, but it did and must be corrected. I haven't met or discussed Sibel and her plight with anyone who has not been sympathetic. But it is time for action. Riding around with a little yellow ribbon on your car saying "support the troops" does absolutely nothing to support the troops. Calling and writing your congressperson and asking them why the hell the troops are living with rats and mold and demanding something being done -- now that is supporting the troops. Do that! And do the same thing to support, not really Sibel Edmonds, but her cause which is pure, basic and simply an American constitution cause/issue.

Remember when her story broke, the media was all over it because, "it was entertainment." But when it was no longer "news" but "olds" the media let it die and in doing so, lets part of America die. This is what the evil in the government count on and we can and must make a difference.



Thanks Steve. Great work.

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