Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Giraldi Oped Makes Dallas Morning News

Posted by Miguel

"This essay was adapted from a longer version that appears on the Web site of The American Conservative magazine (www.amconmag.com). "

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Giraldi's original AMCON article is here


Unknown said...

Anyone else having trouble with this link?

lukery said...

David - try it now.

Anonymous said...

Short mention recently of Sibel Edmonds by Rick Karr on Bill Moyers Journal (blog only). No new information.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear secret counter-proliferation operation possibly related to the Sibel Edmonds story. Please note: this may be part of a larger operation known as the "uncoverup," to bury Sibel Edmonds story inside a smaller, already compromised operation. Excerpt on Operation Merlin, from link above:

Operation Merlin

The CIA counter proliferation department hired a Soviet nuclear engineer who had previously, in the 1990s, defected to the United States and revealed secrets from the Soviet Union's nuclear program. His speciality was in the field of what is called weaponization, the final stage of assembling a nuclear bomb.

The scientist was equipped with blueprints for assembling a nuclear bomb in which, without his knowledge, false drawings and information blueprints were planted about a nuclear warhead that was supposedly manufactured in the Soviet Union. The plan's details had been fabricated by CIA experts, and so while they appeared authentic, they had no engineering or technological value.

The intention was to fool the scientist and send him to make contact with the Iranians to whom he would offer his services and blueprints. The American plot was aimed at getting the Iranians to invest a great deal of effort in studying the plans and to attempt to assemble a faulty warhead. But when the time came, they would not have a nuclear bomb but rather a dud.

However, Operation Merlin, which was so creative and original, failed because of CIA bungled planning. The false information inserted into the blueprints were too obvious and too easily detected and the Russian engineer discovered them. As planned, he made contact with the Iranian delegation to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and handed over to them, also as planned, the blueprints.

But contrary to the CIA's intention, he added a letter to the blueprints in which he pointed out the mistakes. He did not do this with ill intent or out of a desire to disrupt the operation and harm his operators. On the contrary, he did so out of a deep sense of mission and in order to satisfy his American operators. He hoped that in this way he would simply increase the Iranians' trust in him and encourage them to make contact with him for the good, of course, of his American operators.

The result was disastrous. Not only did the CIA fail to prevent the Iranians in their efforts to enhance their nuclear program, this operation may also have made it possible for them to get their hands on a plan for assembling a nuclear warhead.

zekwean said...

Hoping to hear from lukery.......

Anonymous said...

Report warns of Saudi Arabia and Turkey possibly joining in a nuclear arms race

Anonymous said...

While congress keeps wearing its blinders as far as Sibel Edmonds' revelations of deep state trafficking in nuclear secrets, the Washington Post is waving the nuclear terror flag as rhetoric heats up for war on Iran.

Say it with me: deep state psychological operation.

The Jack said...

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