Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'll be traveling...

I was hoping that the Times would have more on the case this weekend, but there is nothing in the weekend edition. Hopefully they, and others, will have more in the weeks to come. As Sibel said last week:
"As I have said from the beginning, this story is not about me, there are many sources who have been waiting for the right time to come forward, I've probably never even heard of most of them, and now they are coming forward. This will play out like Watergate played out, with the drip, drip, drip. So I say to everyone 'Buckle up, there's much more coming.'"
I'll be traveling for the next few months and will not be writing about the case regularly during that time. Miguel will be updating Let Sibel Edmonds Speak with links to any significant stories if and when they arise.

I will be communicating with Sibel while I'm away, and if anything significant occurs I will try to get to a computer and will publish something.

In the meantime, here are my three most popular youtube videos if you haven't seen them yet. (For all of my youtubes regarding Sibel, see here)

"Sibel Edmonds. Investigations Thwarted" (25,000 views)

"Sibel Edmonds. Everybody Knows." (10,000 views)

"Sibel Edmonds, Greatest Hits" (5,000 views)

Thank you all for your support. Please keep sending relevant articles to your congressmen and to media outlets asking them to report on these most important matters.


lukery said...

Thanks so very much to Miguel for taking over here while I'm AWOL.

He knows more about the case than just about anyone, and without his support I doubt we'd be where we are today.

cayrick said...

Thanks to all of you and especially Sibel for your integrity, courage and bravery to step up and speak about the corruption and cancer in the US gov't. In the eyes of the government you would be labelled as terrorists but in reality you are the true patriots and I feel you are risking your lives to come forward as you have done.
2 years ago I still believed that the US was the greatest nation on earth, moralistic and the envy of the world. I have done a lot of self research and have come to a very different conclusion part of it through the efforts of brave people like Sibel. You point out major flaws over and over again:
- highly controlled and concentrated media
- secret departments, secret memos,classified information; in other a gov't shrouded in secrecy
- no financial accountability in gov't billions disappear and nobody knows where.
-politicans who are funded by and owe allegiances to corporations
- public enquiries that are a sham
- laws passed to restrict freedoms; laws that can make a patriot a terrorist depending on how you interpret them.
Democracy has been hijacked; Just look at the front runners in the present election campaign. All want continuation of an illegal war. Americans are the only people in the world to believe their own propaganda and therein lies the problem. I commend all of you but unless we can quickly educate the public we are all doomed. I fear that the internet is the next to be censured. As Sibel correctly says the enemy is not in a cave in Afghanistan but within.

dqueue said...

bon voyage. if you're traveling state-side, near the cesspool that is dc, let me beer you.

The Jack said...

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